Last Night in Soho

Last Night in Soho ★★★★

Last Night in Soho is a film that starts very strong and ends very strong, albeit it doesn’t always know how to go from A to B. The films middle section is very well made and acted, but seems a bit scattered. That said, the movie itself still works very well. It is absolutely gorgeous, with Edgar Wright showing his mastery of craft. It’s a more serious film than he usually makes, but it works well.

The performances help in this aspect. Anya Taylor Joy and Diana Rigg are standouts of the supporting cast, but this is Thomason Mckenzies movie. We has an incredibly difficult role to play, but she manages it very well.

The films themes, depicting the exploitation of women, past and present, are conveyed effectively, if a bit on the nose. That said, messages like this are needed, so I don’t really hold it’s bluntness against it. The films depiction of how predatory men can be is disturbing and wraps up in a satisfying and surprising way.

Last Night in Soho has some clunkiness to it, but it’s interesting, intense and effective. Maybe it’s not the scariest film ever, but it shows that ambition and artistry can effectively make up for some cracks in the foundation