Hail, Caesar!

Hail, Caesar! ★★★★

Interestingly, this is a film who's plot occasionally gets in the way of the real appeal here. Though the film is ostensibly about the kidnapping of a major star during the heyday of the Hollywood studio system, the real appeal is in viewing the Coen Brothers' recreation of the world and films of the era. They find the perfect blend of accurate recreation, modern hindsight and no small amount of dramatic irony. The film also benefits greatly from a deliberately tongue-in-cheek tone. This allows the film to flit quickly through storylines, characters and non-sequiturs, all tied together with that distinct Coen dialogue.

If one were to attempt to analyze the politics of the film they would find them to be muddled at best. However, much like everything else, they seem to be included more as a representation of where the industry's consciousness was at the time, rather than making a statement for the modern day.

All in all, the film is at its best when it is just playing around in its sandbox of the era, delivering scenes, musical numbers and larger than life personalities at its own rapid-fire will