Fear Street: 1978

Fear Street: 1978 ★★★½

Winds up at about the same quality level as it's predecessor, though for different reasons. This film is more entertaining throughout, managing to better blend its exposition into its story. However, while 1994 found its stride in its third act, this film starts to falter at that point. It's about then when the film stops telling its own story, which it had done effectively, and starts forcing itself into the corner it needs to be in order to match up with 1994. This is frustrating, as it no longer flows very well, and some deaths that could be emotional lack punch due to a sense of inevitability.

The film also introduces far more characters, but as a result they don't carry the emotional connection that the first film's 5 main characters had. The acting is good, but they feel more like charicatures. That said, director Leigh Janiak does a more effective job of building and maintaining tension throughout this film. We know enough for exposition to be unnecessary, so she's able to build the scares more visually, which leads to a film that is more frightening, well crafted, and better paced. Well, at least for the first two acts.

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