Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

A visually stunning movie. Seriously some slick fun blockbuster filmmaking full of talented actors and visual filmmaker that just lacked plot. I hadn't seen the movie since theaters, which I had a blast, but hadn't wanted to revisit. With the new VS movie coming I wanted to revisit. Sadly I was slightly bored throughout, its fun to see such a vast cast of actors that I love, and again those visuals are stunning, but it feels a little lifeless. Charcaters and plot take a backseat, which is fine, but we spend so much time with them that a heart is lacking. Kong himself isnt given enough development to really steal the movie. John C Riley steals every moment and actually gets a great emotional payoff. I really want to see something else from this director, and there is still fun here, but its not one I love to revisit.