Minions: The Rise of Gru

Minions: The Rise of Gru ★★★★★

Found Eden today in the Phnom Penh Cineplex. Cant really remember the last time I was in a space so joyous. Maybe the largest theater I’ve ever sat in, maybe the loudest theater I’ve ever sat in. It felt like a 300 person family movie night. I knew I was in for something special when two things happened. After the trailers ended, they put the Cambodian flag on screen and everyone stood up and sang the national anthem. Ofc I have no real allegiance to Cambodia but I was moved in a major way by the honor of it all..a trip to the Cinema! Then, the second the movie started, the dad next to me started giving a play by play in Khmer to his kids who were too young to read the subtitles. The whole thing was so so intimate..the joy of children laughing around you. These are the makings of Gru. I laughed so fucking hard at the airplane scene I started crying and then the scene ended and I realized I was actually just crying crying, foggin up my 3d glasses and all that. Heart gushin cuzza love and cuzza community. Kids were losing their minds, up on their feet jumping around and whatnot for large portions of the movie. Obviously there was applause at the end, it’d be weird not to clap when you’ve made room for yourself to have fun like that. It’s so assuring to know that an experience I will take to the grave with me will be tethered to the minions.

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