The Northman

The Northman ★★★★

Absolute cinematic euphoria. I love that Eggers uses the camera as a tool only to capture action, never to force it. Because of this, so much of this movie is on the backs of the actors, the costume designers and the set dressers who literally sent me back to the Viking age tonight. The action is raw, brutal, and the coolest fucking shit you‘be ever seen; the stuff of Viking legend of plastered to the silver screen for the world to see.

If I had my gripes, the pacing is significantly slower during what almost becomes a tedious second act, which Eggers is usually known for struggling with but here it’s most apparent. As much as there is heart in the craft, I did find it a little lackluster in the story; nothing really tangible for me to connect with besides the sheer force that is our main character. Otherwise, a pretty great movie!

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