Godzilla vs. Kong

Godzilla vs. Kong ★★

Well, you wanted to know one thing right? Is the fight awesome?

Fuck yeah it’s awesome!

Go see this on the biggest screen possible! From the incredible lighting over the city of Hong Kong to the gorgeous sunset overlooking the ocean, these fights are incredible to behold! Very clever use of the camera and very fluid action! There is a clear winner and it gives you everything you could possible want without overstaying it’s welcome.

The rest of the movie...well, that part does overstay it’s welcome. 

Aside from Kong’s connection with a little girl that is handled extremely well and can be quite touching at times, I could not care less about the rest of these people. There was your typical “schlocky B-movie” group and your “way-too-serious” group that competed for screen-time that made this movie a tonal nightmare. I honestly could not tell what kind of the movie they wanted to go with because both groups felt like they were from separate movies. 

Thankfully, the runtime is pretty brisk and the movie does move decently. I thought the execution of the first act was pretty sloppy in its editing and jarring scene transitions but the movie slowly started finding it’s groove. A fun climax does not make a good movie and I think that needs to be understood from fans. Thankfully, I know most of them are going for one reason and I don’t think my score should turn you off from seeing it if that really is your reason.

If you want the big lizard and the giant ape to punch really hard in a really cool fight, you’re gonna leave happy. So I did!

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