The Forever Purge

The Forever Purge ★½

The Purge series is another series that probably just needs to end. It has definitely had its moments and the concept of the Purge is quite fascinating. However some of the films haven’t exactly been that good. This film however just looked bad from the start especially from the title. The trailer too was not giving me much hope and it honestly looked like a direct to DVD movie you’d find at Walmart. I wasn’t really excited for this but I just wanted to (hopefully) finish these movies out because I’m too far in to stop now. 

As is typical in these movies, there were pretty much no interesting characters to get behind in this movie too. Many of them were very cookie cutter stereotypes of hero characters we’ve seen in other films before. We have the couple with the wife who is pregnant and the husband who is sort of racist but gets redemption by the end of the film. We also have another couple who are both immigrants seeking the American Dream but also it’s their first Purge so it’s kind of conflicting if they’re happy in the US or not. The actual night was its usual murder driven self and it was fine but man this film goes downhill fast. We finally see how the Purge leads to more violence which is kind of interesting and it leads to some cool violent moments but the problem is that many of these violent people have some pretty bad acting especially the people locked up in the police van in that one scene where they were being transported. Yeah it’s cool that people are killing racists and all but again there was no reason to really care about these people especially this third couple who get little to no screen time but we’re supposed to feel emotional when the husband dies but we saw so little of them together so it was more confusing than anything. This film felt very action packed but so boring at the same time because everything was pretty dull and felt like a rehash of Anarchy at times because it’s all about going to the next location and fighting off crazies along the way except this time it’s not officially Purge night because everyone is still committing crimes and murder across the country. There were a few jump scares and all of them were terrible mainly because most of them were terrible fake out scares that got more and more annoying every time because that is a trope in horror films that needs to die because it’s one of the worst things in a cliche horror film even though this barely even qualifies as a horror movie to begin with because it’s really not. It’s trying to have some social commentary too by having Mexico open its borders to Americans fleeing from the violence and calling them dreamers which was just too much to be honest and it just felt so forced in there so ultimately it failed in providing this commentary because it’s just way too on the nose without actually trying to be meaningful with its message. Everything else in this film was largely forgettable and I’ve already forgotten most of it because it felt like nothing happened despite how much violence and fighting there was. I didn’t think this series could get worse but it did. 

Conclusion: This film embodies why this series should probably end. This wasn’t even really entertaining like some of the others and honestly I found it quite boring and forgettable. It was pretty annoying too with all of the bad characters this time around and easily the worst in the series so far in my opinion. I’d say only watch this if you’re too far into the series to stop like me because otherwise I’d say avoid this one. 


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