Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings ★★★½

I really didn’t know very much about Shang Chi going into this film. It was another MCU film where I asked “who” before I saw it. Even though this film looked pretty cool, I really didn’t know what to expect from this because the story looked all over the place but still it’s an MCU film so of course I was going to check it out because it looked like an interesting Marvel project. 

It’s an MCU movie so of course the action is going to be great. The whole bus fight felt very creative and enthralling. The choreography was great and the added comic relief of the random live streamer on there just made it such an entertaining sequence and this is after we find out what this guy has done with his life and being a happy go lucky valet driver with his best friend. Shang Chi’s entire background with his parents and his training for him becoming an assassin was all over the place but done pretty well. Simu Liu does a really great job in this role. He proved that he could carry an action sequence and came across as an intimidating hero but also a down to earth fun loving guy too who loves to sing karaoke. Awkwafina is a treasure in this film as she always is. Yeah she might be a typical comic relief character but honestly I didn’t really care because she is just awesome and her usual charm shines here as Shang Chi’s best friend. She has many funny moments and you could really feel the friendship between the two as they have some great back and forth banter as close friends often do. Shang Chi also has a sister who is very cool and calculating and Meng’er Zhang made this character seem like she could get her own solo movie based on the material given here and her fight scenes were on par with Shang Chi especially when they fought each other. All of the fight scenes were pretty good and felt well put together for a Marvel film. Even though we’ve seen the storyline of the dad missing his wife and some dark entity pretending to be her tries to lure him has been done similarly before in other films but it’s still done well here because the chemistry between the family made it compelling enough. The rings themselves are even cool even though their exact power isn’t really explained and it seems like they’re saving that for a future project. We even got to see the world where the mother came from and it is such a beautiful landscape with fascinating creatures and people. There are so many vibrant colors and it makes you wish we could explore this land and everything involved in it because it’s such a beautiful visual. With all of that being said though I did feel the runtime of this film a bit more than other MCU films. This is especially true when we got to the final fight in the film which I felt went on for far too long personally. There’s still enough cool characters to see though like Razor Fist. There’s also some cameos from other Avengers and even some past villains that are all epic. This includes the post credits scenes which are also great. I really liked a lot in this film, but I just didn’t love it even though it was well done by MCU standards. It’s clear that Shang Chi will be an important character though and I’m okay with that because I wouldn’t mind seeing him again and it looks like Awkwafina is joining him so that adds extra points in my book. 

Conclusion: A good MCU film for sure but just not one that I personally loved. I do admire a lot about this film though and the fights as well as actors are all great and it led to a whole world that I wanted to see more of. This film definitely seemed like an interesting direction for Marvel and I’m glad it exists because it’s still a fun time especially seeing it in IMAX. Just watch it if you’re an MCU fan because I’m sure you’ll like it. There’s still plenty of other elements for non MCU fans to enjoy as well so there’s some great quality to find here. It’s just one that I didn’t love but still really liked. 


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