Encanto ★★★★

When I heard what this movie was about, I was a bit skeptical as we’ve seen the family with different gifts or superpowers before. However it still looked like it was going to be a charming animated film and I already was liking the main character based on the trailers. Disney animation usually has some kind of quality so I was optimistic about this one since it looked like a decent entry into Disney’s library. 

It’s Disney animation so obviously there’s going to be some kind of quality here and this movie was no exception. This was yet another beautiful and vibrantly colored film from Disney. The details are so strong here even coming down to seeing every grain of sand in some hair or some soot from rubble. You can see how detailed and flowing the animation is and there’s so much detail to go around in this huge house or the small town that they live in. There’s probably a lot more details in the background that I could’ve missed despite it being such a small town. I really loved the main character in this film Mirabel. I feel like a lot of people can relate to this character as she’s kind of the black sheep of the family and that will probably hit hard for a lot of people who feel disconnected from their families or feel like a misfit in their family in general. Mirabel doesn’t have a gift so she’s told again and again that she isn’t special so it’s great to see such a relatable character overcoming her struggles and just trying to connect more to her family and fit in. Joining her are various memorable characters like the strong one Luisa, the perfect one Isabela, her grandmother who first discovered the miracle, Dolores who hears everything, Pepa who controls the weather, and more all living in this very much alive house which was very cool to admire. I think anyone would want to live here just to have the house do so much with its capabilities. The highlight though might’ve been Bruno because of how strange and eccentric he is and how important he is to the story. John Leguizamo’s voice was perfectly casted for this too as he has to be pretty exaggerated at times due to him being not all there in the head especially with the way the family views him. I will say that I had no idea that this was a musical going in but honestly I didn’t care at all because these songs are excellent. This is no surprise as Lin-Manuel Miranda always has a talent for songwriting and that’s no exception here. Each one of the songs was very memorable and upbeat and very catchy. I think my favorite song in the movie was probably “We Don’t Talk About Bruno”. I personally thought this was one of Disney’s best modern day soundtracks and it was better than I ever could’ve expected. I was absolutely blown away by how good the songs were here personally. The story involves magic sure but it’s still a very simple story all about family and how there’s so much more to life than these powers and how they need to realize to not let the miracle die. I really appreciated how there was no real villain in this movie either which was very much appreciated for this kind of story because this story doesn’t need a villain to have the family overcome their troubles anyway. It’s more focused on Mirabel anyway and how strong of a character she is to help guide her family down the right path. On the surface this seems like it might be a grand adventure movie but it’s actually a lot simpler than that which was honestly a nice surprise because I think this movie worked a lot better because of it. The way the story plays out does focus on the magic but Mirabel was given time to interact with many of her family members and form more of a connection with them. Unfortunately not all of the family members could get too much screen time but they tried their hardest to make everyone meaningful in this film for Mirabel’s quest to find why the magic is dying. I think that the way it’s discovered why the magic is dying will hit a lot of people too and I can see it being a tear jerker for a lot of people. It’s an obvious twist for sure but I appreciated the way it was handled and how touching this moment ends up being. It really was a great way to tie everything together and the ending too was very well done. I honestly think this movie will give a great message to kids especially with the ending. They spell it out yes but it still delivers it in a charming way that it really didn’t matter as much to me as it’s a very nice message from Disney. We’ve seen similar messages from them before but this really delivered when it came to that aspect. I honestly think this film could’ve been longer because there was more to explore here in my opinion. I could’ve used more but for what we got, I thought Disney did very well with this one. 

Conclusion: This film was a very nice surprise. Disney once again delivered something special with this film with quality animation as well as great songs and characters to get behind. I thought this film was simple but very effective for what it was and I thought it was a great time. Check this one out when you can if you’re a big Disney fan because this honestly was a very well done film that was better than it had any right to be. Disney has had a good year this year as far as their animated movies go and this was no exception. 


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