Spider-Man 3

Spider-Man 3 ★★★★

Spider-Man 3.

DAY 16: A film that is personal to you.

This movie gets a lot of hate but if I had to think back to my of my earliest favorite movie moments it would be this one. I remember I was in 3rd grade and there was a website that had a countdown to when Spider-Man 3 released. For a year I kept looking every day and loved seeing that number go down. My parents surprised me with midnight tickets and as a kid going to the movies that late was awesome! I went with my dad and got a Spider-Man cup I still have and was a great fun memory! 

This movie obviously is not the best in the franchise but still fun to see three villains in ones movie especially Venom. The dynamic between Peter and Harry after the second movie. Minus the CGI it is still a great movie IMO.

“You’re trash, Brock”

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