The Northman

The Northman ★★★★½

This movie FUCKS bathed in blood and sweating testosterone… insane, epic and loud.

Eggers explores relentlessly the troubled tension between masculinity and myth, with beastly violence, gruesome scenarios and captivating Norse visions in a violent depiction of a Viking tale of revenge. This movie bleeds and sweats epicity from the loud and immersive score, the imposing and gorgeous locations, to the brutal action sequences packed with cruel fight scenes and raw visuals.

I ended up heavily concerned about the well-being of Alexander Skarsgård’s throat. Those screams seem painful af. That dude devours the whole movie in a cast full of great performances… Nicole Kidman is good, Claes Bang kick asses, and Anya shines as her long fair hair.

Have to say it… The Northman is my favorite Eggers’


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