Dan Gaertner

Dan Gaertner

I'm basically a chilled out entertainer.

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Favorite films

  • 8½
  • Coffy
  • John McEnroe: In the Realm of Perfection
  • The Wind

Recent activity

  • God's Not Dead: We The People


  • Spencer


  • Undress Me


  • King Richard


Recent reviews

  • God's Not Dead: We The People

    God's Not Dead: We The People

    This is the type of film that causes God to unleash plagues.

  • Spencer



    Pablo Larraín's impossibly beautiful "Spencer" is a perfume ad in search of substance. Everything about the production is immaculate. Kristen Stewart gives a strong performance in the lead. The only thing missing is a purpose. The film is only willing to go as far as some surface metaphors and symbols. All the beauty on display is in the service of nothing

    The film is less about Princess Diana and more about how Pablo Larraín is in control of his craft.

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