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  • Minari



    A good drama film. The tone is realistic and understated with a touch of personal experience, most of the characters are well defined and each member of the cast brings in a good performance. It's a good movie, but personally I didn't really find anything hugely impressive enough to warrant the high level of praise it's received. It's a well made, perfectly fine film but didn't really have any lasting impact on me. There's loads of good stuff in Minari but the execution is way too reserved so it never reached its full potential in my opinion. It's not a bad film, but the result is unremarkable.

  • The Umbilical Brothers - Not Suitable for Children

    The Umbilical Brothers - Not Suitable for Children



    There's still a few enjoyable/funny/clever bits and their miming/sound effects are as great as ever, but the content as a whole isn't as funny as their previous shows and is less tasteful as well. Their first two DVDs are definitely the best ones.

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