Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★★

Sundance 2022 #2

Yeah, I am a huge fan huuuge fan of uncomfortable movies and I always find myself seeking them out. This is a great addition to the genre. 

A family goes to visit another family they met a couple months prior on vacation, and from there, it is a gradual descent into pure horror. 

Here are thoughts scattered thoughts:

Ok is there something really wrong here or are these people just different?

It’s great because there’s always a reason, a believable reason why the situation continues, why these characters don’t leave or….why they come back….

At first I was thinking okay I have to suspend my disbelief but they I thought about it and no, I believe it. If I put myself in this situation, if sometime crossed a boundary, would I speak up? Probably not I would be polite and then talk about it right when I leave. 

It does make me think about myself, and how I would act in a similar social situation, I wouldn’t speak up because I wouldn’t want to escalate anything or be confrontational, and then also there’s the self doubting, you know? maybe I’m in the wrong. 

It’s a horror movie that respects the characters and keeps it as real as possible.

Also when it really gets down to it, it’s really shocking and horrifying.

Yeah I liked it.


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