Logan ★★★★★


"Logan, you still have time."

A neo-noir western, about growing old, shown to us as a grim superhero film, James Mangold's Logan is one of most unique, beautiful, and heart-wrenching films to exist. It's just not right to view this as the final film in a trilogy; because Origins was horrible, and The Wolverine was great, and this was a whole new level. It's better to see this as a farewell to beloved characters and really view it as a character study film with superhero elements.

My favorite part about Mangold's The Wolverine, is how he and the writers understood the character of Logan/Wolverine and here, they are the true heroes of the story. Written by Mangold, Scott Frank, & Michael Green, Logan exists in its own right and transcends the typical superhero film. Setting itself apart from the X-Men franchise - taking place in a future with basically no mutants -and showing depth in two specific characters was a brilliant idea, and they all understood how to use it.

Loosely based off the comic book Old Man Logan, the story shown in Logan is a thing of beauty. James Mangold returns to the directors chair - after doing The Wolverine brilliantly - and his direction off the film is amazing. He brings a raw, brutal, and realistic feel to the character of Logan, and uses the source material so well. I couldn't get over just how visually beautiful this film is - from the desert landscape to the city life it all looks phenomenal.

I was scared to watch this honestly. I didn't want Hugh Jackman's Wolverine to leave. For 17 years he's played this character and he fits into it so well. His anger and rage is shown like second-hand nature to Jackman, and I couldn't believe I was saying goodbye to an old friend. Saying that, Jackman delivers his finest performance in Logan. He's damaged, broken, needs to be released, and Jackman/Goldman understood how to do it all and it played out beautifully. Patrick Stewart says goodbye as well and I loved how they did it all. His arc throughout the film is beautiful as it is sad, and I loved his and Jackman's chemistry.

Dafne Keen is simply perfect as Laura. Her silent and brutal tone mixes with Logan's so well and she is such a badass. I love how mature she acts and the arc her character must go through; it all just blends so well. The way that both Jackman and Stewart interact with her is amazing. Boyd Holbrook playing Pierce is so great. I love his character; he's such a dick and I just found it so entertaining. My only problem is how his character played out.

There's so much to love about James Mangold's western flick Logan, and when you get down to it, there really aren't any faults. Bringing in three phenomenally brilliant performances, beautifully directed action - that was brutal, tense, and all around so entertaining, and a sendoff of a lifetime; Logan is a timeless masterpiece. The final shot is for the ages. Seeing this again on Saturday, so I'll know if the rating is true, or I'm fanboying too much.

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