Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★★½


”I suppose no man comes home from war. Not really.”

Once again the MonsterVerse strikes back with the second installment in their universe and give it to director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to craft a film with so much passion and love for classic adventure movies, you instantly get sucked into this word from the very beginning and he never lets you go until the final credits role. One of the most genuinely fun films in the last few years and an exciting as all hell monster movie, Kong: Skull Island is just a marvel to watch on screen.

It’s amazing to watch Vogt-Roberts to use Skull Island as a sandbox of monsters and B-movie greatness, but never once allowing the craziness to ever feel like it doesn’t fit perfectly within the film. The way that the film goes between Kong and the humans never feel like it wastes a minute and the movie runs like clockwork. The visual effects look absolutely marvelous and they’re beautiful to see. Kong looks as perfect as he ever has and the creature design and production are so brilliant and work so well within the film.

I know it tends to be a problem that people have with monster movies that the human characters are either super flat or they don’t ever feel like they belong, but honestly they fit so well together here. I love Tom Hiddleston & Brie Larson. Both don’t ever feel like they’re taking the screen away from Kong and the mini-arcs that they have work wonders. John C. Reilly has some of the funniest lines & looks like he’s having a blast and that makes it even more fun for me personally. Not *really* a fan of Sam Jackson’s character here, but it’s overall fine.

It still amazes me to this day that the MonsterVerse gave us two reimagining’s of these hugely famous characters and they both introduce them to new audiences, as well as grasping the brilliance that their original incarnations had. Really glad they stuck to being strictly on Skull Island, and think the world building here is some of the best. Kong: Skull Island is an immensely entertaining blockbuster that hits all the perfect notes for me.

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