Hook ★★★½


”To live... to live would be an awfully big adventure.”

So this is the Spielberg flick that apparently everyone hates? I’m not convinced even in the slightest bit that this is his worst or even one of them. I’ve seen nearly every one of his films and he does indeed have some bad films littered throughout his filmography, but I definitely don’t think his 1991 film Hook belongs in the talks. Sure it isn’t his best film, but it’s a family-friendly film with lots to like throughout its runtime.

There’s two sides to the coin for the film; the film really soars when Spielberg showcases Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman acting above everyone else and they are above and beyond magnificent to watch on screen and they both look like they’re having the time of their lives. On the other hand however, when the children take up the screen, the film losses everything it has going for it. They’re just annoying and unnecessarily weirdly showcased here. A Peter Pan film with the lost boys obviously makes sense, but here Spielberg puts so much attention on them and watching their “performance” it takes away from Williams and Hoffman. I think it’s fun, adventurous and entertaining when it hones in on Spielberg’s sentiment of childhood taking center. It’s good and it’s bad, but if you’re talking about Spielberg’s worst, Hook is definitely not in the running.

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