Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ★★★★★

I used to despise this movie for some reason and I said I was never gonna watch it again. Of course that didn’t last long because I watched it again but something was different not bad different actually amazing wonderful different 

Kurt Russell is absolutely amazing as Ego and he’s probably the best and most complex mcu villain we have gotten so far. The chemistry everyone has in this movie is also amazing you can really tell Gamora and Nebula have been through a lot together due to the actresses being great in their roles. The emotional beats are amazing when Yondu died it was really emotional because he was such a funny character who had a lot of depth to him he will always be Mary Poppins.

Baby Groot is absolutely adorable I think that’s kinda obvious but they really could have made him so annoying in this movie but they somehow didn’t and I find that amazing. The comedy is really really really good especially from Drax who was kind of a serious character in the first movie.

Another reason this movie is so great is because everyone has something to do in this movie. Everyone has a reason to be there because they all have interesting arcs that need to be explored in this movie 

The big reveal about Quill’s mom is absolutely heartbreaking due to the twist being built up and the way Quill reacts is totally justified and the final fight is absolutely amazing and again R.I.P Yondu.

So yeah I really love this movie there’s nothing really wrong with this movie so check it out.

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