Together ★★★★½

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“Yeah I mean, when you go through something like that, it does bond you…”

Okay imagine: you’re a couple therapist and your job is, for a couple of months, listen to this couple, a conservative and a liberal, who hate each other’s gut and face since before the pandemic. Yeah that’s a good summary of what this movie is about. An hour and a half of not having a fourth wall and a couple talking to you nonstop. 

If you’re so sick of the pandemic that having to think about it makes you nauseous and angry, then this ain’t the movie for you. However, if you don’t have that and love hearing people conversing, this should be an interesting experience on the screen. Also, if you like a movie with amazing dialogues and performances, then like me you will love this conversation. Yeah, this feels more like a conversation than a movie. 

James McAvoy and Sharon Horgan were phenomenal as the troubling couple. They showed incredible chemistry during all the one-take conversations. It doesn’t feel like I’m watching actors acting, but more like normal people complaining about how terrible the lockdown was. 

The conversations were spiraling. It started from funny then to heartbreaking and then awkward and mixes of all these emotions. When it’s sad, it’s pretty depressing, and could be relatable to many. However, at the end, the movie became sweet and emphasize its theme of importance of close proximity during the pandemic.

My problem was how bizarre some conversations became at the end. Also, I felt a bit overwhelmed at some conversations. It definitely takes a lot of attention and power to listen through all of these, despite how interesting they can get. 

Overall, a great movie with strong acting and script. 8.5/10