Scream ★★★★★

Scream was the first horror movie I really fell in love with and at the time of its release, it really redefined the whole genre - it’s so meta, so tongue in cheek. It’s scary enough to build tension, while also letting the audience, a crowd director Wes Craven knew would be full of hardened fans of slasher movies like Halloween, in on the joke, poking fun at the cliches inherent to the genre. 

Possibly my favourite scene is Tatum’s death, in which she’s literally joking with the killer about horror movies, unaware the person behind the mask is not playing a prank. It feels humorous but the scene is undercut with delicious tension. Scream’s opening sequence has come to be a horror movie staple as well, forgetting the slow burn, making no attempt to build character, but straight into what quickly becomes a creepy and terrifying situation - and it’s none other than A lister Drew Barrymore who is the first kill, which was completely unexpected. Scream rejuvenated the genre and this, the original, will always be my favourite of the franchise, which has now spawned six films.

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