Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★★

Wow, they were not holding Sam Raimi back, huh? That's great. I find it fascinating how both this film and Eternals are so divisive. Both are known for being more director driven than the usual assembly line Marvel movies. I hope Marvel doesn't learn the wrong lesson from the divisiveness by not offering freedom to directors anymore. Anyways as for the film:
If you are expecting this to be similar to Raimi's Spider-Man trilogy then don't, its much more like the Evil Dead trilogy and Drag Me To Hell.

Loved the colorful and vibrant look, exactly how comic book movies should be. The visuals were insanely stunning again. The horror elements really mixed well here and I hope this isn't a one time thing only for MCU. Those jumpscare moments were really cool. Elizabeth Olsen is mesmerizing as Wanda and owns every scene she's in pretty much. I understand why not everyone liked what they did to her character but to me it felt like the natural step for her character to go through after WandaVision. The violent and gory parts of the film felt refreshing. MCU usually stays shy from being too violent but this is the film that isn't pulling any punches. Raimi also got to do his classic “Sam Raimi ending” with this movie and I loved that.

It is not the usual MCU crowdpleaser but if you loved the Evil Dead movies then I can see this movie appealing you.

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