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  • Roma
  • The Handmaiden
  • Moral
  • American Graffiti

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  • The Lunch Date

  • World of Tomorrow

  • Sister Stella L.

  • Barber's Tales

Recent reviews

  • Ded na si Lolo

    Ded na si Lolo

    52 Weeks, 52 Filipino Films

    Hadn't watched a film for a little over a week when I saw this. And to be honest, it was required viewing; our Filipino teacher put this on and made us watch it for our Literature topic, where we were also learning about Filipino funeral and wake traditions. But besides the surprise Gina Alajar, the surprisingly sympathetic LGBT representation (Filipino comedies are notorious for unsympathetic mockery and nothing else in this case), and the…

  • Night School

    Night School

    Daily Horror Hunt #50 (August 2022)
    Day 28/31
    Watch a horror movie prominently set in school or other academic institutions.

    HORRORx52 (for 2022)
    Video Nasty

    Watched this in a deserted dorm lobby with only a few lights on and the rare passerby on the way to and from the bathroom, so yes, not an assumption to say I saw this on a slow night. Unfortunately, it was also a slow night for me mentally -- I was pretty out…

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