Sleepwalkers ★★★½

Possibly benefiting from my mood in the moment, because I was absolutely craving some 90's horror for some reason, and this just suited me down to the ground.
This really is a strange little screenplay from Stephen King, but I do like its economy - effectively, an entire new mythology is set up in the first 20 minutes when we are brought straight into the perspective of these cat-people shapechangers. From that point on, the story's very unconventionality was intriguing in itself, but Brian Krause obviously has a hoot playing such a completely amoral character - this is a far cry from Leo on Charmed! He sure looks spunky going about his evil business too, but then we also have Madchen Amick - surely one of the most gorgeously beautiful women to have ever walked the earth.
I wonder if the poor CGI effects are what folks struggle with today. None of the effects are that great really, even the make-up and costumes, but the designs are fascinating - I am always into new monsters being introduced into the genre.
But this is a film made by a true horror fan for the enjoyment of other horror fans. The cameos by Stephen King, Tobe Hooper, Cliver Barker, Joe Dante and John Landis are proof of that - King's in particular is a scream.
I really enjoyed this one.

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