From Dusk Till Dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn ★★★★½

An awkward mash-up lacking cohesion for some - for me, a total hoot. It's all a bit of cheekiness from Rodriguez, sure. But I equally love the crime thriller and the creature horror. This still stands up so well more than 20 years since its release (20 years! That is fucking depressing) - more than stands up, really, as the practical effects are a real joy to see in these days of overused CGI. Also, how great is George Clooney? Looking back, this was one wise choice for a first leading man role for him - once he showed he could play dangerous and hard-bitten, it would have been so obvious to the studios that he could carry any kind of film. He probably owes a lot of his career success to this performance. The whole cast is incredible, even QT, who can be a pretty ropy actor at times.

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