First Cow

First Cow

SUPPORT YOUR LOCAL THEATERS IN ANYWAY YOU CAN!!  I got to see a screening of First Cow alongside a digital Q&A with director Kelly Reichardt thanks to the Music Box Theatre in Chicago. 

I’d never seen a Reichardt movie before, and I didn’t know what to expect going into First Cow. It is undoubtedly a slow movie, but in her Q&A she explained the purpose behind that as “thinking about how time would be felt in the 1820s”. I’m checking Letterboxd constantly everyday, but back then time felt slower, and you can really feel that in how Reichardt captures the mundane in this film. 

I really latched onto the idea that we were seeing the origins of American capitalism while I was watching. Reichardt explained that globalization instilled a class structure on the world, and she wanted to show how those classes interacted at that time. America was a corporate structure even before it was a nation of states...

The friendship at the heart of First Cow was so wholesome. Even knowing where the stories ends from the stunning opening scene, I felt connected to King Lu & Cookie, and what they were trying to achieve. 

This movie scores higher on my Best of the year list because of the performances and the craft behind the camera, but not as high on my Favorites list because it’s just not my type of movie. I’m interested to check out some of Reichardt’s other films though, so if you have any suggestions let me know!

{#677 on Favorites list} {#4 on Best Movies of 2020 list}

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