Fantastic Mr. Fox

Fantastic Mr. Fox

I loved this. What a fun, fast paced, cuss filled, magical stop motion adventure. The hour and a half flew by, but I think that’s because I was falling for it so much. I never would have guessed that a wolf first-pumping would be one of my favorite animated movie scenes if you had told me that 24 hours ago. But here we are. 

Anderson’s style blended perfectly with the intricacies of stop motion. The cinematography within Fantastic Mr. Fox took my breath away. There were some truly beautiful moments.  

The voice cast all brought their A-game, and I have to wonder why Queen Meryl doesn’t do more voice performances. Clooney gave his iconic fast-talking heist man bit a new life in Mr. Fox, truly bringing the character to life.  I wish that more characters had gotten time to flesh out their performances, but with a limited runtime I’m glad they made the best of what they had. 

I loved that Anderson made this movie about being the odd one, and learning that it’s okay. The relationship between Mr. Fox and his son was something I could tell resonated strongly with Anderson. Everyone’s a wild animal if you’re willing to show that side of yourself. Mr. Fox couldn’t control that little voice inside his head telling him he could be something wild and free, and I think we can all relate to wanting to be wild and free right now more than ever. 

{#178 on Favorites List} {Favorite Wes Anderson Movies Ranked}

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