Dune ★★★★★

It is impossible for me to be objective about this movie. Denis Villeneuve is my favorite director, big budget sci-fi is my favorite genre, the cast is stacked, how could I possibly be objective about this movie?

I had to see it twice and then give it a week before I decided where to place this on my list of every movie I've seen ranked from favorite to least favorite. And yeah, Dune is a top 10 favorite of all time for me. 

The level of world building Denis Villeneuve brings to Dune (the sounds, sets, costumes, etc.) is unlike anything I’ve seen from a science fiction film in a long time. Seeing it in IMAX truly did make the scope and scale of the entire picture envelop you in Villeneuve’s care and craftsmanship.

Not objectively, and maybe also a little objectively, this movie fucking rules. 

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