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  • She



    Avi Nesher fell asleep while watching a Conan/Conquest/Road Warrior marathon and someone transmuted the ensuing dream into celluloid.

    SHE is yet another Pyun-AF kitchen-sink rollercoaster from Nesher (would make a great pairing with Pyun’s Knights): a goofily anarchic post-apocalyptic sword-&-mutants adventure; a genre whirlwind crashing through a Halloween costume shop and garage sale to create a slapdash future-fantasy landscape of football-pad clown marauders, chainsaw-wielding mummies, telekinetic cult king and his monks, Nazi knights, oracle caves and graffitied streets and more,…

  • Revenge



    Honestly this could probably go toe-to-toe with Harakiri as a furious evisceration of bushido, and not merely because Revenge is also written by Shinobu Hashimoto and shares a similar structure of grim flashbacks interspersed with the present’s fateful revenge duel. In Tadashi Imai's zankoku jidaigeki (aka the “cruel” niche of the genre), a trifling insult about a dirty spear snowballs into an absurdly-unscrupulous clan-threatening quagmire of sacrificial hypocrisy and fatalistic bloodshed.

    Said insult leads to a secret duel between lowly…

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  • Adam Chaplin

    Adam Chaplin


    Yes, I have a soft spot for splatter and the often low (or even no) budget creativity behind the subgenre’s over-the-top effects. Yes, The Crow by way of Fist of the North Star by way of Riki-oh is insanely up my alley. And yes, Adam Chaplin delivers the most accurate live-action depiction of OVA insanity you may ever see; the opening 17 seconds feature more blood, viscera, and body parts than some entire slasher films.

    But damn, it just goes…

  • All the Devil's Men

    All the Devil's Men


    More action-packed but far less dramatic than Matthew Hope’s Taxi-Driver-but-Rambo The Veteran, All The Devil’s Men is a solidly by-the-numbers DTV thriller. Ex-operator bounty hunters working for the CIA versus ex-operator mercenaries working for terrorists, with a Heat-esque revenge connection between the teams’ leaders, so expect oodles of cold capable intensity, hamfisted tough-guy dialogue, double-agent double-crosses, and urban-ops gunfights.

    William Fichtner is wasted and Milo Gibson continues to be most effective as a blunt instrument, which means this film is…

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  • Gunpowder Milkshake

    Gunpowder Milkshake


    There’s a section mid-film where Karen Gillan has a gun and knife taped to her paralyzed arms, swinging them around to fight a trio of hobbled goons, all of them awkwardly trying to kill eachother. During those brief minutes of inspired physical comedy, Gunpowder Milkshake threatens to become something inventive, fun, and different.

    No amount of Gillan swagger, Lena Headey murdering guys with gun-knives, or Angela Bassett doing her best Hammer Girl impression could save this movie though. Remember when…

  • In the Mouth of Madness

    In the Mouth of Madness


    Been far too long since I last watched In The Mouth of Madness. Lovecraftian meta-perfection, the campy pulp horror mirror to Prince of Darkness’ unnerving diabolical dread. Carpenter the nightmare artist flaunting his eye for imagery and terror.