Seven Samurai

Seven Samurai ★★★★

The movie is honestly paced extremely well, It absolutely grips you into the story using its cinematography and visual style with perfect usage of blocking, lighting, and the overall way it captures the actors and the movements, it’s all done so fluidly and masterfully, and everything about the world and the story is crafted so well. You can feel the stakes throughout, and it has some really great and entertaining characters, with plenty of memorable and fun moments, love how it was able to balance the comedy with the much more dramatic moments. The sets and the sheer scale of it is insane. It’s technically amazing but my main issues remain with some of the story and how underdeveloped a lot of the characters were, only like 3 of the samurai are memorable and have interesting arcs and shit, the rest are kinda just there at times. Also the Romantic subplot wasn’t that interesting. The performances are all brilliant tho but mifune really stands out the most as Kikuchiyo, probably the character with the most depth in this to me, and the way he is able to do comedic scenes while at the same time being a really tragic character was really dope, the musical score was also brilliant and the drums and instruments used accompany the film hella well, shits extremely influential, and the influence could still be felt in today’s movies.

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