I don’t have an all time fave but here’s what I like right now I guess B===========D~~~~~~~~~~~

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  • Scooby-Doo



    I don’t think I’ve ever seen a live action movie done so well. Some cg hasn’t aged well but the movie still stands solid to this day

  • Barbie as the Island Princess

    Barbie as the Island Princess


    Beginning of the end of classic Barbie movies expect same continuity gaps and minimal exposition to any characters background. Had some decent songs but overall an okay movie. I want to punch that annoying bitch tika

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  • Soul



    Animation looked amazing, and very interesting character designs. The Jerry’s were one of my favorites. Great Disney movie if you don’t like musicals and the musical production was atmospheric and pleasant. The souls were a annoying and a children’s toy cash grab but liked the idea. Would be interesting concept for a more Adult take on it too.

  • Night Is Short, Walk on Girl

    Night Is Short, Walk on Girl


    Translation was a bit lost time to time or I’m just stupid but really beautiful movie. The lead characters are intriguing and charismatic, colorful and overall a really great movie