Aquaman ★★★½

I first watched this on a plane, at a time when I was completely bored of the DCEU. Therefore it definitely deserved a rewatch at home, especially since I recently completed my first ever DCEU marathon as preparation for watching ZSJL.

I have to say this was good fun. It reminded me of the Thor films meet Flash Gordon with a dash of Indiana Jones - and all set under the sea!

I admire the filmmakers from not shying away from the sillier aspects of the concept; be it a hero called Arthur, Willem Dafoe riding a shark, or an octopus playing the drums.

As well as not taking itself too seriously it also never allows the audience to get bored; if characters are standing around talking too much then an unexpected explosion will blindside them and kick off an action scene. This happens at least three times!

Also, although it is a long film, it rewards your commitment with a frankly insane finale.

The DCEU seems to a constantly confused/confusing mess so it's hard to say what it's future is. However, I think this individual film is destined for Cult Classic status.