Stowaway ★★★★½

All these poor reviews, and I struggle to reconcile that with the film I just watched. Stowaway, the second film from the creative duo of Joe Penna and Ryan Morrison, is an excellent study in humanity and ethics, that just happens to be based in Space, on a mission to Mars. The setting, in my opinion, helps to imbue the audience with a sense of both the isolation of the crew, and the dedication required by those brave women and men, who train for years with a passion to further humanity's endeavours into space exploration, possibly to risk it all in an instant if things go wrong. I fear that some of the negative reviews I am seeing went into this film expecting scenes of conflict, or big flashy cgi explosions. You know, typical Hollywood blockbuster fare. This is and never was that type of film. What you have is effectively a slice of life film, in which the crew of a mission to Mars are thrust into a situation which none of us would ever wish to find ourselves - the decision of judging who should live or die, and the ethical question of is it morally right to kill one person to possibly save others, or do you try to find a solution and risk saving nobody? Heavy stuff, and I found myself feeling for each of the crew members and the titular stowaway, as they each wrestled with the intense frustration and feelings of sheer helplessness as they tried to make the hardest decision of their lives This will be a spoiler free review, but to touch on the ending, which I have seen being called disappointing, I don't know if it's just me, but it left me sat in silence while the credits ran. The irony that this was one of the most beautiful shots in the film was not lost on me. So, to sum up. An excellent film, an excellent cast ( Anna Kendrick must do more drama, and I will be watching out for Shamier Anderson but the whole cast excelled) and a film that was created by a team with such passion and a wish to be as realistic as possible, that (as the end credits will show you) the team of consultants used in the film included an array of people who know a lot more about all this space stuff than all these keyboard experts who are bemoaning how unrealistic they think this film is ;).

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