Awaara ★★★½

"This is a matter of the heart. And the scales of justice cannot judge it"

Nature or nurture, or rather how heaven and hell are a conflict that stirs deep within, the passions of such expressed through the most lavishly passionate and immaculately staged musical number you may ever witness. Raj Kapoor is the tramp and one greater than Chaplin at that, his comedic pathos and vulnerable eyes staring down conflicting paths - that of the bandit and that of the judge - which are simultaneously situated in the slanted frames of noir fatalism; this elaborate social melodrama stakes its heart in defiance of caste, yet the elegance of its grand sets make this an immovable construct and the coincidence of the encounters contained within deem this all fate. The tumultuous arcs it is predicated on tilt towards the point of emotional exhaustion by the end and in a way this is a compliment, a testament to soaring emotional attributes of which the highs turn away the moon so as to steal a midnight kiss, and the lows which must reach through a jail cell to plead for absolution.

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