First Cow

First Cow ★★★★½

as i expected, i really really enjoyed this. overall a very calming, peaceful and pleasant experience. another quiet story from kelly reichardt who somehow manages to take the mundane and make it so incredibly transfixing and admirable. ultimately a tale of friendship & stealing from the rich, because always and forever, fuck the rich. john magaro & orion lee were so good in this and it hurts me to think that their performances are most likely gonna be hugely overlooked

there’s so much nature porn, quite honestly an over abundance of nature porn which made me really happy. this was unexpectedly sad, but kelly reichardt has a way of making sadness feel welcome and unobtrusive, it slowly just came in right at the end, but i still felt joy and happiness overall. i cannot recommend this enough, all of kelly’s films are great, but this one is a personal favourite. also, eve the cow is so cute, glad nothing bad happened to her

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