Sick ★★★


"If you have to scream, cover your mouth."

A better tagline would have been "If you've seen Scream, you've seen this."

During the wild wooly days of the pandemic, (Remember way back then?) two friends Gidon Adlon (Bobby Hill JR) and Bethlehem Million go to a remote lakeside cabin to quarantine and get away from it all.
Two maniacs show up chasing the girls and slitting throats along the way.
Sure, we've seen it all before, but have we seen this with the Covid pandemic as a backdrop?
This totally ORIGINAL slasher film was directed by John Hyams (Universal Soldier Regeneration) and written by…..wait for it…..wait for it….Kevin Williamson the writer of Scream.
(Can a person plagiarize themselves?)

Sick isn't necessarily a bad slasher movie, it's well-made with some brutal kills.
However, it's so much like Scream it's not even a joke. It's so unoriginal it's boring to watch, you can predict everything that happens because you've seen it before and then three times after that.
It is nice to see a nonsupernatural slasher movie with good old-fashioned knife-wielding homicidal maniacs.
What Sick lacks besides imagination, a wholly original script, and competent lighting is an iconic mask for the killer, a ski mask isn't going to cut it these days, my suggestion would be a plague doctor's mask. I know that's some hokey bullshit but trust me after seeing the ending and the killer's motives this movie turns into some hokey bullshit so it's a great match.

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