Our Friend

Our Friend ★★★★

So I've been out of social media for about 4 months now (or maybe more), I felt like I completely shut down my life for a year. Not talking to my friends, and completely ignored what's happening out there. All I do is work from home, sleep, eat, all over again, every day.

So then I watched this film, just finished it a while ago, and might not be the best decision I've made. This film completely drained me emotionally. Like I'm sobbing at 3 am in the morning. Throughout the film, I realized so many things like how shitty I am as a friend, how I'm working everyday, but at the same time, not doing anything with my life. Realized how I'm missing so many great things and taking it for granted.

I really miss my friends. I miss my life before, so much. I hope I can find a friend like Dane, or at least be a Dane for someone. Or maybe I met a Dane, it's just that I'm so terrible that I didn't saw it and let that slipped away. I hope as a consolation, I've been a Dane for someone, or hopefully ,will be.