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This review may contain spoilers.

the trailer for PEPPERMINT played before this movie (PEPPERMINT is a movie where jennifer garner plays, essentially, liam neeson in TAKEN, directed by the guy who made TAKEN), and a woman in my aisle said "jennifer garner going to save the hood, thank god" and the whole theater started snickering, which is exactly the theater you want when you go see OCEAN'S 8, a very fun summer flick where every actor is doing something she is expert at, just like in the movie. i hope they make a million more of these and i'll watch them all back to back whenever i'm sick.

random notes:

rihanna looked bangin in every shot but especially in that red dress, and should be in more movies and in more of this movie

conversely this is the exact amount of cate blanchett i ever want, which is to say occasionally present wearing unusual outfits

anne hathaway was INCREDIBLE. i died at "it's not that fucking hard"

sarah paulson didn't have enough to do, but she sure did work at making that one garage scene with sandra bullock as sexual as possible, and i am indebted to her for that

i felt anne hathaway's dress didn't justify the necklace. i guess that's why helena bonham-carter is in debt. should've hired law roach

very relatable that awkwafina just wants a co-op apartment and some more youtube followers

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