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  • Fight Club
  • Kit Kat
  • Ibrahim El Abyad
  • A Serbian Film

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  • Black Adam


  • Fall


  • The Black Phone


  • Mystic River


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  • Black Adam

    Black Adam


    " Promising Anti-Hero "

    We have a lot to say about the cons of any superhero movie because the American cinema has flooded us with a bunch of superhero flicks, every corner has a superhero, and every platform has a box of chocolate, but..

    This one was a tiny different.

    #1 It a way better than Deadpool
    We have a nuclear weapon called black adam That can wipe out a country in one minute without being regretted for a second…

  • Fall



    "Survival of the fittest"
    I have a bad history with Acrophobia, so I guess it hit me roughly regardless of some unrealistic points and unneeded twists.

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  • 4-2-4



    a good acid trip

  • Monsters, Inc.

    Monsters, Inc.


    The Egyptian version was lit