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Spencer was one of my most anticipated movies of the year, for more than one reason, the most obvious one is that i am a huge Kristen Stewart fan and the idea of her tackling such an iconic and beloved figure peaked my interest, it didn't hurt that the movie is being helmed by a phenomenal director Pablo Larraín, who have a very unique and interesting vision.

This movie is a very captivating, compelling, haunting, unconventional it doesn't care about being a biopic, it's a fable and i admire that because this makes for a very interesting viewing, it's not a documentary but rather a sneak peak at a period in someone's life and it works, sure it's themes repeat throughout and some script issues here and there but that didn't ruin it for me at all.

It is beautifully shot with gorgeous cinematography that looks like washed pastel colors which makes it very vibrant but also very eerie, this plays like a psychological horror and goes places, the score is haunting and one that complement the script and the cinematography.

It is very metaphorical and it is on the nose in some places, but that's part of it's beauty, production design is phenomenal as is the costume and hair and makeup, everything feels and look authentic while also having it's own identity.

The performances all around are great, each one of the supporting players does an admirable job but this movie lives and breathe from Kristen Stewart stunningly haunting portrayal, she is just phenomenal not only mastering Diana’s accent and mannerisms but also bringing her own style and making an actual living person not just a character, the first 10 minutes took me out but as the movie progressed i couldn't see Kristen anymore she just transformed into Diana not lookwise necessarily but with capturing her essence and spirit. This movie will stick with me.
Kristen have delivered my favorite performance of the year and maybe one of all time favorites.

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