The Godfather

The Godfather ★★★★★

Road to Coda

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen this fill to be completely honest with you. I’ve lost count. It’s a sprawling, brutal, emotional, and addictive epic that, to this day, continues to stand the test of time. From the use of natural light to increase the omnipotence of Marlon Brando’s Vito, or the beautiful score from Nino Rota, there is truly so much to ‘The Godfather’. It’s difficult to find films that are so mind-numbingly impressive that you never forget, even years later. Francis Ford Coppola’s innovative masterpiece is, in of itself, a perfect film. It’s satisfying to even think about how unbelievably astonishing it is. It’s a film that is so sharply directed, so well written, so beautifully shot, and so iconic that it deserves the title as one of the greatest films to ever be put to the silver screen. I honestly have nothing else to say, it’s just beautiful. I have yet to see a film that is as impressive and remarkable as ‘The Godfather’. Well, with the exception of Part II of course...

The Journey Continues with Part II