The Trial of the Chicago 7

The Trial of the Chicago 7 ★★½

This film is incredibly frustrating. Not because the story isn’t compelling, it’s because Aaron Sorkin handled this material so poorly. 
The direction of the film is mediocre at best. There are weird transitions, bad editing, bad direction for the poor actors involved with the film. There’s also numerous problems with the script, including glaring errors and the structure doesn’t benefit this script. It feels like Sorkin is trying to actively contain this story to the confines of the courtroom, rather than use the courtroom to aide the already interesting story. Which is mind boggling, considering this man is out on a literary pedestal, and yet I wouldn’t have nominated this screenplay. Additionally, Sorkin glazed over the racial issues of this story as if they were only a footnote, characters aren’t developed beyond caricatures, and the score doesn’t work. 
The actors do their best, with Mark Rylance in particular doing a solid performance, but this film should’ve been given to someone else with more directing finesse and even a different writer.