Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me ★★★★★

One of the most viscerally incredible films I’ve ever seen. David Lynch is truly him. This is a technical marvel in every regard. Not sure I’ve ever seen a more harrowing and heartbreaking final act in quite some time. 

Not only did Sheryl Lee not win the Oscar for this performance… she wasn’t even nominated. Unreal. It’s one of the ten or so best performances I’ve ever witnessed. Could’ve counted the amount of better performances I’ve seen on my hands. It’s both absolutely manic and unhinged and so steady all film. It’s a true Sheryl Lee masterclass, the last thirty minutes, especially. Ray Wise was also awesome here. I had been missing his presence in the back half of S2, but he’s really exceptional and his work here hits every note. 

Despite not loving the back half of S2, TWIN PEAKS is easily one of the finest shows I’ve ever watched and this movie might be better than any single episode I’ve seen yet. Lynch is in top-form here. This perhaps doesn’t quite surpass MULHOLLAND DRIVE (one of my ten favorite movies ever), but it comes damn close, which is so impressive. 

I used to think of Lynch as a cerebral director when I was younger. Always said he was one of the smartest directors ever, like Kubrick and Fincher, etc, etc. Not that I don’t believe that any longer, but the true gift of Lynch comes from how emotionally resonant every single image he puts onscreen is. He might be the most emotionally available director I’ve ever watched in my life. Every frame provokes deeply felt and cathartic emotions. He’s in a class of his own. What a picture. Goddamn. And now for THE RETURN…

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