Casino Royale

Casino Royale ★★★★★

Man, the 2000s really had a bunch of fucking awesome pop movies, huh? Miss those days! Anyways, first time seeing this and I saw it on the big screen and despite there being two audience members literally watching videos on their phone and loudly talking the entire runtime (die?!?!), I think this is pretty perfect. Reminds me of OCEAN’S ELEVEN, honestly. Perfect mix of sex appeal, charm, and wonderful set pieces. Pop movies can be good! Despite my friends thinking I hate fun, I just hate corporate garbage that looks ugly and is made by thousands of soulless computer animators and men in suits in boardrooms. This isn’t that!

The denouement is probably slightly overlong, but it honestly doesn’t matter. There are like, five legitimately superb action set-pieces in this, great chemistry and sexual tension between Daniel Craig and the beautiful Eva Green, and delightfully tense poker sequences. Mads Mikkelsen is an excellent Bond villain, too. The torture scene would never get put into a huge blockbuster nowadays, seeing as everything is too slick and sterile, so that was greatly appreciated.

Daniel Craig with some of the most elite dirty mack I’ve ever witnessed in my life. Made me want to take up drinking scotch and vodka martinis. King.

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