Princess Mononoke

Princess Mononoke ★★★★★

this is my favorite ghibli film. of all time. while it may be tinted with nostalgic, rose-colored memories, i still find myself utterly captivated every time i watch this movie. i adore the complexity of the antagonistic characters (namely lady eboshi and jigo) — they are developed well enough for me to continue thinking of their stories long after the resolution of the film. the dynamic between san and ashitaka is heart-wrenching and exciting, and is another highlight. it’s so fairy-tail like, charming enough for me to ignore how quickly it develops! growing up, they were completely isolated from modern technological society. and with the inevitability of advancement, they have become the last humans with a connection to the realm of the ancient gods and nature. because of this, they share an understanding unlike any other.
ashitaka, the last and only prince of the emishi tribe, is exiled to live out a death sentence. it is only when he leaves everything he ever knows does he find his princess.

also “i’ll kill you, you’re beautiful” lives in my head rent fucking free.