Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★★

Movie: “These are the dangers of being non-confrontational.”
Me, from Boston: “I’m afraid I am not familiar with that concept, please explain.”

A Danish family meets a Dutch family while on vacation in Italy. Months later, the former are invited to spend some time at the latter’s house. Beyond questionable behavior on both sides ensues.

It’s pretty hard to make me TOO uncomfortable while watching a movie, but goddamn does this one do it. Not only did several scenes (especially the ones involving children) make my skin crawl, but I spent 80% of the time screaming at the screen, infuriatingly frustrated with how much of a fucking coward the husband was. Before becoming a dad, I might’ve been able to understand holding your tongue so as not to offend someone, but now that I have a family of my own I can pretty safely say this shit would’ve ended about 15 minutes in. 

I can’t help but respect the fact that it intentionally angered me to such a degree, but yeah nah Speak No Evil is not something I’ll be watching again. Unrealistic trash.

P.S. does this film inadvertently justify xenophobia? Whoops.

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