Kong: Skull Island

Kong: Skull Island ★★★½

Yes Jordan Vogt-Roberts, I too have seen Apocalypse Now and other Vietnam War movies. Starts pretty great before descending into a shambolic mess of "stuff just happens and people make decisions based on nothing" but that's hardly anything new with big old studio movies. Hiddleston and Larson are game but a bit dead behind the eyes. Jackson and Goodman are strong but John C. Reilly steals the movie. Look right, I love monster movies and movies about monsters fighting and it delivers big time on the fighting monsters. Liked that it was less sombre than Godzilla and way more of a pulpy fuck around on a monster riddled island. Not that into the post credit scene/cinematic universe model that studios are going with but if there is going to be a big money Hollywood style Godzilla vs King Kong vs Everyone else movie down the line then I'm completely on board. Any movie that has King Kong ripping helicopters out of the sky whilst Black Sabbath plays is a success in my book.