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"Just because you can't prove it doesn't mean it's not true." - Robert Graysmith

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It's always a pleasure to watch a Fincher film, that's how you know you're gonna enjoy some proper cinema. However, despite that fact, I was a little let down.

The film is solid when it comes to the technical side. Both the cinematography and shot composition are really great and sometimes would aid in building the tension for certain scenes. The score is pretty good too. The editing was perfection here. You know you've got excellent editing when you've decided to put a Fincher film on. Props to James Vanderbilt for writing great characters and providing us reasons to remember them and that comes from Fincher's direction which is also fantastic.

The performances are all great: Jake Gyllenhaal (Robert Graysmith), Robert Downey Jr. (Paul Avery), and Mark Ruffalo (David Toschi) were the standouts, and the rest of the cast were also pretty good.

However, the film let me down because I didn't feel like I was engaged the whole time. Maybe because I saw it at like midnight and was falling asleep a couple of times, but that shouldn't matter all that much. I also wanted more, whether be the tension or looking more into the investigation itself.

That's about it, though. It's great and I'm excited for the next suggestion in The Film Club! They've all been bangers so far, so keep 'em coming!


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