Encanto ★★★

"Sometimes family weirdos get a bad rap." - Mirabel

See where it ranks among my top films of 2021!

Encanto is sweet, yes, but does nothing new in the storytelling department. In fact, if you've watched enough films, you can see where the film is going and how it ends because with a story such as this one, it could only go a few ways. But to make up for that, it all depends on how it's executed and again it doesn't do anything new, just adds another coat of paint over a familiar tale. But what makes up for this familiarity are the emotional beats, animation, and Lin Manuel-Miranda's musical composition.

The animation and songs worked together to create an energy that burst off the screen and matched the other. It really felt like the animation was animated based on the songs and because of that, the energy of a LMM musical was fully realized and the satisfaction that comes from that is totally gratifying. The animation was also really great and colorful. And the songs are pretty good, all things considered. "We Don't Talk About Bruno", "All of You", and "Dos Oruguitas" being my favorites out of the soundtrack. All the voice performances were great with John Leguizamo (Bruno) being my favorite out of the cast. The emotional moments didn't hit for me like the film or I wanted them to, but I can tell they were deeply rooted throughout and I appreciate that a whole lot.

That being said, the film was predictable and some of the musical numbers didn't work for me. They never felt truthful at the moment as they seemed to interrupt what's going on. At times, I felt like this didn't need to be a musical at all and that's never a good sign. Also it really felt like a LMM musical and that's also not a good sign either. I love him to death, but man, it was bit much this time. The third act also felt really rushed.

It's still worth checking out. Please do!


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