Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness ★★★½

"Everything I lost can be mine again." - Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

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Sam Raimi has entered the MCU and my Lord, is it apparent here!

For a franchise that has long been criticized for sticking to its successful formula, Phase 4 has looked to change that. The movies have stylistically began to vary and change, but still stuck to the humor that has made the movies so popular. Raimi puts his distinct stamp on the movie and it shows quite apparently. Wacky transitions, blood and gore, cheesy moments and use of horror tricks to make this a much different entry into the most financially successful franchise ever made.

When it fully invests itself into those horror elements, the movie really works and becomes more entertaining for it. It also works when Sam Raimi is allowed to be himself and call back to his own films, that's what I really dug.

Elizabeth Olsen (Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff) continues to put in some of the best work the MCU has ever seen with her recent string of performances, Benedict Wong (Wong) was great, but it's Benedict Cumberbatch (Dr. Stephen Strange) who delivered his best performance yet in the MCU.

However, despite being called "The Multiverse of Madness", why doesn't it feel mad or as grand as the word "multiverse" should entail? I'm not asking for many cameos (which I don't mind having or not at all), I'm asking for creativity. How can it feel so small despite having such a large budget when something when another smaller budgeted, multiversal film like Everything Everywhere All at Once (which you should see if you have not) feel so vast and the possibilities were endless?

It kept its foot on the gas, but everything felt so rushed and I wished we would've had more time. I believe the movie would've had a stronger emotional impact overall. I also don't like how characters were treated and rewritten.

But other than that, it's a solid entry into the MCU! Check it out!


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